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Nokia 6 Review: Flagship looks at budget price

The Nokia half dozen makes Associate in Nursing impeccable 1st impression from the instant I take away it from its box. It feels very solid, nearly unbreakable. Nokia says the phone's metal chassis is graven from one block of metal. It feels as premium as prime smartphones, despite being a mid-range model cost accounting concerning $300. The antenna lines square measure smartly hid at the highest and bottom edges, almost like the flagship Nokia 8.

While the edges of the Nokia eight square measure serpentine, those on the Nokia half dozen square measure flat, creating it less comfy to carry. The Nokia 6 additionally incorporates a single rear camera compared with the dual-camera system on the Nokia eight. This rear 16-megapixel shooter is good enough for a mid-range phone. It captures a decent quantity of detail, tho' some shots look slightly overexposed in well-lit out of doors situations. Indoor shots don't fare further, with their anaemic colors.


While the camera in all fairness fast at taking an effort when the shutter button is ironed, it's dreadfully slow at process the image with HDR enabled. pictures take concerning 2 seconds to point out up within the gallery. it's nearly a deal-breaker because the camera failed to miss the instant, however it positively tested my patience. This delay is perhaps as a result of its Qualcomm flower 430 chip. The Nokia half dozen feels sluggish compared with even different mid-range phones. there's an evident lag whereas scrolling through web content. Apps don't seem to be as fast to open, whereas the front fingerprint device could be a fraction slower in unlocking the phone.

Nokia has already launched a replacement Nokia half dozen variant in China, with a quicker flower 630 and 4GB of RAM, that tells ME it's attentive to the lacklustre performance. Its audio performance, however, is good, because of its twin stereo speakers. there's support for Ray M. Dolby Atmos, that will a powerful job of simulating surround audio. those that tune up to native radio stations are going to be happy to understand that the Nokia half dozen incorporates a intrinsical FM radio that uses the headphones' cable as Associate in Nursing antenna.

Its 5.5-inch liquid crystal display screen is nearly as good as any I actually have seen on a mid-range smartphone, with punchy colors and wide viewing angles. it's protected by Corning pongid Glass, that is harm resistant. Like different Nokia golem smartphones, the Nokia half dozen runs on stock golem seven.1.2 candy with hardly any bloatware. The firm has been on the ball with security updates and that i expect Associate in Nursing golem eight.0 oreo cookie update within the close to future.

Its battery ought to well last a complete day of use, however a charger can most likely be required at time of day. In our video-loop battery check at most screen brightness, it lasted concerning 81/2 hours, that is on a par with its competitors.